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With Huddl, every event is an opportunity to learn more, forge deeper connections, and engage on a whole new level.

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A New Way to Engage

Huddl turns every event into a dynamic and personalized journey.

Manage and customize your event schedule.

Network and manage your new connections through the app.

Access and share event photos directly in your feed.

Participate in live Q&A sessions and discussions.

Take part in interactive event activities.

Stay informed with the latest updates and announcements.

See Huddl in Action

Huddl x YYC Data Con

Watch how Huddl transformed YYC Data Con into a dynamic engagement hub, boosting interaction and delivering measurable ROI.

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Huddl turns every event into a dynamic and personalized journey.


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Customize your experience aligned to your interests.


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For Organizers

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Elevate your event strategy, ease your planning efforts, and unlock higher levels of engagement.

Boost Event Engagement with Activities

Drive participation with Event Albums, Network Bingo, and custom tailored activities, all designed to keep your attendees engaged the entire day.

Actionable Engagement Analytics

Access detailed analytics to measure engagement levels, understand attendee behavior, and refine your event strategy for future success.

Facilitate Seamless Attendee Connections

Empower attendees to form meaningful connections with peers, speakers, and exhibitors, enhancing the overall perceived value of your event.

Turn engagement into impact with Huddl.

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